“With new studios popping up regularly, it can be difficult to determine which dance school would be the best fit for you or your child. Please allow me five minutes to explain why the Joan Harris Center is a candidate high above the rest.

Previously, I began my training at another studio. I left shortly after because I realized I did not enjoy dance competition. I found Joan Harris and was immediately drawn in by the welcoming atmosphere. I was not just typed onto a “new client list” and made to feel like a one-hour-a-week, come and go customer. I was part of a family. This authenticity stemmed from the owners but circulated throughout teachers, students, and parents alike. A rare find for a business.

Joan Harris had instilled in me a passion for the arts. When I graduated high school, I decided to pursue a dance major. My training at the studio was essential to my success in college.

With a shift in the industry, a dancer could no longer label herself just as a “ballet” dancer or a “jazz” dancer. The marketable artists can do it all. Fortunately, I was well-versed thanks to the high caliber technique classes offered at Joan Harris. The ability to bring different styles to the table was pivotal during my collegiate auditions. I attribute this success to my cross training at The Joan Harris Center.

Similarly, I loved the year-round performance opportunities Joan Harris offered. But I had no idea it provided me with yet another tool-I was able to learn and execute audition combinations quickly. Whether it be academic dancing or commercial dancing, this skill is a “must have” on an auditionee’s checklist. Thanks to the structure of Joan Harris’ eight-week sessions, I was continuously learning new choreography.

My testimonial culminates with one last life-changing attribute. The teacher training program is unique to The Joan Harris Center. Under the direction of Ms. Elisabeth and Ms. Jen, the program is well nurtured. It allows the dancer to step into the position of dance assistant where he or she is viewed as a role model and advocate for the studio. This facilitates character building and accountability.

I have seen many other studios try and mimic this program, but none have prospered. The key component to this unwavering success is solely the Harris Family. Yes, they take pride in orchestrating great dance steps, and great shows, but the knack of genuinely cultivating a love for teaching goes unmatched.

Joan Harris has made me into the individual I am today: person, dancer, and instructor. I make it my mission to continuously pass on my passion and love of dance with my students. To leave by saying The Joan Harris Center is a great dance studio would be an understatement. It is by far one of the best things to ever have happened to me.”

Amanda U

“ I am proud to say that I am a Joan Harris Alumni. The JHC laid down the foundation I needed to continue my dance education. After graduating from the Joan Harris Centre, I earned a BA in Dance from DeSales University. This is where I was fortunate enough to train under a wide array of professional dance educators and renowned choreographers and artists. During these 4 years, I obtained a vast skill set from the University which included fundamentals in dance composition, dance history, kinesiology, anatomy and physiology and many more. After graduation, I had the opportunity to relocate to Boston, Massachusetts where I continued to explore my craft and help navigate my future as an artist. I realize now as an adult, a wife and a mother that dance shapes people; my education and experience not only shaped me into a better dancer, it molded me into a better person. JHC was the seed, my continued higher education was the water and the love and passion was the light. It’s now time to pass on my craft, my love of dance to the next generation (the flower). My daughter is finishing her third year at the Joan Harris Centre. My experience within the dance realm enables me to know exactly what I want and what she needs from a dance studio and the JHC has it all: a diverse, well-trained staff, professional curriculum, performance opportunities and most importantly, a sense of family.”

Melissa A.

“Best people!!!! Lovin’ the JHC for the last 36 years!!!!” Gina W.

“My daughter, Chloe 6, has been dancing at Joan Harris since she has been 2 years old. It is one of the greatest dance studios in the area. Chloe looks forward to going to class each week. My husband and I appreciate how caring and friendly the staff is. They take the time to know each student and are genuine. Chloe is not like most children, she suffers from a rare disease called Cystic Fibrosis and has Diabetes, as a result she may need to miss class bc of frequent illness and doctor visits. Joan Harris does everything to make sure Chloe never falls behind and is willing and able to the make any accommodation she may need. Our family is so proud Chloe is a Joan Harris dancer and we highly recommend anyone who wants a dance studio that is like family should consider enrolling.”

Shameka J.

“The owners and dance teachers are amazing. they always treat you with the upmost respect and the owners try to get to know each and everyone of the dance students. Thanks truly amazing.”

Kayla B.

“Due to my Granddaughter’s Love of dance and Theatric Expression and the Professional teaching from your staff, have developed her into an Elegant, Poised, and Talented young, up and coming Ballerina. Her recent solo in the Winter Show has tears streaming down my cheeks as I watched her dance with such PRIDE. I was speechless but finally was able to say, “Beautiful….WOW!!!! Grammy’s don’t normally get to express their feelings, so thank you for the opportunity. I only hope she realizes I Love her as much as she loves to dance. In 2012, she surprised my husband and I with a self choreographed dance as part of our Christmas gift. Her Grandfather had Cancer and was unable to attend her shows, so she danced in our Living Room that Christmas. As we watched, I saw the tears of pride roll down his cheeks. That was the last time he ever saw her dance as he passed away the following November. Watching her grow and hone her skills, just leaves me Breathless. Thank you for helping a Natural find her toes.”

Katheryn H.

“I now have 2 daughters dancing here with Joan Harris. They love it so much! The staff is excellent. It’s amazing what they can teach to these kids!”

Audrey U.