Regional School

The Joan Harris Centre is a regional school.  This means that its student body is made up of dancers from all across Northeastern Pennsylvania.  They travel from five different counties of the region including Luzerne, Lackawanna, Monroe, Wyoming and Columbia Counties.  We are more than aware these students travel some distance to study with our instructors and since they go the extra mile, are teachers go the extra ten miles.  What this unique class of students creates is a culture of friends from many different school districts, communities and experiences all working together towards one goal.  Lifetime friendships between dancers who never would have met had they not traveled out of their comfort zone is something that is beautiful to behold.  The dedication of those students to journey to the studio ensures a hardworking student, and therefore is one of the principles of our success in producing professional dancers.  We have always felt honored by this and motivated to keep our standards high.