Excellent Tot Program

We are proud of our Tot’s Program.  It emphasizes the joy of dance and movement, creative expression and the use of imagination.  Fun, fast paced and exciting it truly engages each child throughout the one hour class.  Intended to be joyful, the class is structured in such a way that the student learns proper technique and true dance terminology through games, exercises and of course perfecting a routine for the next upcoming performance.  The Tot’s Combo program consists of a half-hour ballet class and a half hour tap class all within a one hour lesson. The children learn the five basic arm and feet positions in ballet as well as Plie, Pas de Bouree, Battement, Pique and other fundamental steps.  Students also are introduced to tap terminology including, stomp, step, dig, shuffle and more.  The end of each eight-week session is celebrated with a performance where the children alternate between a tap or ballet dance.  The majority of our Tot’s Combo instructors have their college degree in either Education, Dance or Early Childhood Education.