One of the most beautiful and yet challenging forms of dance taught at the studio, all pointe and pre-pointe classes by nature have to insist on proper technique.  This will include teaching correct  body alignment, strengthening exercises focusing particularly on leg muscles and ankles and flexibility enhancement in order to provide the necessary arch in a dancers foot.

All dancers hoping one day to win those coveted pointe shoes must first be enrolled in one of our pre-pointe classes where they will be introduced to the training mentioned above.  We usually start that training once a dancer reaches the age of 8 or 9 years old.  After some rigorous preparation and over much time, a dancer may become come ready to dance en pointe.

All dancers will become ready at different time and stages in their education.  Students are tested individually during the classes by their instructors and then finally by one of our master instructors before earning those shoes.  We will not put any student on pointe until they reach a minimum age of 11 years old.  The reason why is a very important one.  The bones in the dancers feet are often too soft prior to that age and serious and permanent injuries could result including growth-plate stress fractures.  It is important that the dancers bones in their feet have calcified.

This all may seem like a lot to consider, but the rewards are life-changing.  Dancing on pointe is a dream of all ballerina’s and with our many productions, and performance opportunities including our Annual Spring Ballet, our students have wonderful possibilities to put this training into practice.