Modern classes at the Joan Harris Centre will introduce students to the Duncan, Graham and Horton techniques. The class itself will use elements of ballet, jazz and various forms of modern dance including influences of Paul Taylor, Twyla Tharp, and Alvin Ailey to create a contemporary class that is both artistically expressive and physically challenging. An emphasis on space awareness and body fluidity is a major part of the class. Students are encouraged to set free their artistic soul through self-expression and spontaneous movement while at the same time working on a concise and cohesive piece to be performed with their classmates.

Almost an antithesis of ballet, modern dance purposely uses gravity in the dancer’s movements as opposed to the free and almost floating feel of the older form of dance. Students will be taught falls and recovery, alternate approaches to traveling across a stage, improvisation and various new techniques for jumps and turns. This course will develop the student’s core strength, flexibility and creative spirit. Although the casual observer may see modern dance as yin to what is the yang of ballet, we highly recommend that all of our modern students also study ballet to get the most out of their training.