Halloween Show

Our traditional Halloween Spooktacular are always the first of full school productions of the season and are truly a fun way to “kick” off the year.  Characters from creepy to kooky and costumes of all sorts and styles will be strutting their stuff as ghosts and goblins, cats and cowboys, in what can best be described as a musical Halloween parade. The annual October production is an opportunity for the centre’s students to become mythical creatures, storybook characters and animals of every shape and color. Fairy dancers, silly skeletons and musical monsters will all combine their talents in these performances designed to be enjoyed by “trick-or-treaters” of every age.

Halloween is an enchanted holiday that conjures up illusions of the supernatural.  A fairy tale time filled with imaginary characters that run the gambit from to good, to the bad to the bizarre.  It is exactly this premise that the production is built upon. Divided into separate acts, our Spooktacular always concludes with a “show with in a show” that will use dance, song and dialogue to tell a terrific story.  To keep a real balance to shows, and to add a little “trick” to what is mostly “treat”, the production will include a few haunting works.

The music is fun, the sets are grand, and you’ll see every kind of creature imaginable in a dance production that makes for a great show to bring your “little monsters” to.